Is my construction site important enough for camera surveillance?

January 18th, 2021

Camera surveillance protection is no longer associated only with mega construction projects with monstrous budgets. Even small and short-term construction sites are susceptible to theft and vandalism.

Renting camera surveillance systems like our video-verified alarms cost much less than most people imagine, and more and more contractors and project managers are choosing to install surveillance cameras on their smaller job sites. Our short-term rental packages start at 1 month and contractors can move their system from site to site for smaller projects.

In this article, the surveillance specialists at VigiMotion share their opinions about why all construction sites are important enough to install camera surveillance systems. Our insights are based on what it costs if you don’t protect your construction site with up-to-date camera surveillance equipment. Here are some of those costs that you could face if your construction site is left unprotected.

Stolen materials

Construction sites big and small are often targeted by thieves for building materials and metal. Take the theft of $600 worth of copper for example. The price tag associated with replacing the damaged wiring, plumbing, flashing and copper fasteners which have been ripped out during the break-in can be higher than the copper’s worth. Replacing vandalized or stolen materials can cost double or triple the value of the stolen item.

In the event of an intrusion, VigiCam cameras are triggered to record the scene and transmit the video to the remote monitoring centre, in real time, 24 hours a day, in just a few seconds. An operator can then check to see if a crime is in progress and contact the police accordingly.

Our camera surveillance systems ensure police officers can respond more quickly to help avoid the cost of replacing stolen and damaged materials on all sizes of construction sites.

Stolen tools and equipment

Tools and equipment get stolen from construction sites of all sizes. The value of each individual tool or piece of equipment does not change due to the length or scale of the building site. If you don’t know if your construction site is important enough for camera surveillance, consider the replacement costs associated with missing tools or equipment after a break-in.

Lost time

In addition to the replacement costs of materials, tools and equipment, it’s important to think about how much time you’ll lose recovering from a break-in. Ordering and shipping these items will take time and means that your crews won’t be able to continue working. Budgets and deadlines are equally important to all sizes and lengths of construction projects. Camera surveillance systems play a big role in minimizing downtime and delays due to theft and vandalism.

Insurance premiums

In order to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible, it’s important to avoid having to make claims due to break-ins. Video-verified camera surveillance systems like the VigiCam result in faster police response and fewer thefts, and therefore fewer insurance claims. Construction sites of all sizes require insurance and are all important enough to have camera surveillance.

Safety and peace of mind

Construction sites big and small can be rendered unsafe if the site is tampered with during a break-in. The cost of a workplace injury lawsuit is the stuff of nightmares for employers and can be avoided by having 24-7 video-verified camera surveillance.

You cannot put a price on the piece of mind that comes with knowing:

  • Your site is secure
  • Your equipment and materials are monitored
  • Your project can stay on time and budget
  • Your insurer has no reason to revoke or increase your premiums

The cost of renting a video-verified surveillance system is dramatically lower than the potential expenses you will face after a break-in. This is why we believe every construction site is important enough to warrant the installation of a camera surveillance system. If you have questions or are ready to explore options that best suit your needs, reach out to the surveillance experts at VigiMotion – we’re here to help.