Protect your site and your investment with the Vigimotion video surveillance system


VigiMotion products do not require any wires, telephone lines, power or Ethernet connection and provide optimal security on your construction site and critical sites.


Autonomous video surveillance tower with motion detection VigiTower-Solar can be installed on your site – either indoors or outdoors – in just a few minutes. This 100% wireless tower is fully autonomous and can detect any suspicious movement. The innovative video-checked alarm technology product is solar-powered and provides ideal protection for your sites when combined with other VigiCam or multiple units. The VigiMotion controller is included in each VigiTower-Solar.


Secondary video surveillance tower with motion detection The VigiTower-Slave can be installed on your site in just a few minutes. This wireless, easily deployable product complements the VigiTower-Solar to provide your sites with additional protection. This video surveillance tower operates on ultra-high-performance batteries that come with free lifetime replacement.


VigiCam-WM combines an infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera and infrared lighting devices into a single battery-powered wireless security device. This robust camera provides optimal protection to secure your belongings. Its sensitivity can be programmed to adapt the detection distance to your application. Add up to 20 VigiCam-WMs to a VigiTower-Solar.

100% autonomous VigiMotion controller

VigiMotion controllers communicate with all devices, using military-grade RF technology, and send video to the remote monitoring centre via a GSM/GPRS cellular network or an Ethernet (WiFi) network. Each controller is powered by high-performance batteries and solar technology – the controllers are 100% autonomous.

External siren and strobe light

The siren provides optimal security, to deter criminals as much as possible and help responders locate suspicious activities at night. Sirens are wireless and can be mounted anywhere. A single system can use several sirens.


VideoApp4All is a smartphone app that lets the user control their system remotely. The application allows various functions, such as consulting the event log, checking armed/unarmed status, remotely arming and disarming the system, and requesting a photo from installed cameras, when necessary.

Badge reader

The external badge reader is fully wireless and battery-operated, so it can be mounted anywhere without power cables. The user simply places their badge near the reader to arm or disarm the system.

VT badges

Badges are used to activate the badge reader or to arm or disarm the system. These small, robust devices are easy to use, do not require batteries and can last for several years. They can be placed on a key ring for easy access. To use a badge, simply place it near the reader.

Fire detector

The fire detector lets you protect your facilities even during construction, so you can save on your insurance premiums. This component is activated at 135°F (57°C) and reset when the temperature returns to normal. It’s easy to install and covers 225 square feet.

Manual fire station

To protect a building from fire, we recommend you install a manual fire station that will trigger the alarm if necessary. In fact, many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums after this component is installed. Since fire is the most frequent and damaging of all disasters, installing a protection system is important.

Water leak detector

A water leak detector prevents damage from leaks. To avoid the worst while benefiting from discounts on premiums in the event of a claim, we strongly recommend you install a water leak detector.

4K Camera

Our 4K Ultra HD wired video surveillance systems will allow you to monitor and record in real time your building site and this, 24 hours a day if needed.

Wireless and solar transmitter

Vigimotion Security Inc. offers complete solutions for video signal transmission and / or wireless internet and solar power. No matter the type of site you're dealing with, our solutions can be converted into complete autonomous systems, without any need for 120 volt power supply or the internet.

How can VigiMotion be used?

VigiMotion protection systems can be used in a number of ways. For example, they can be installed on construction sites. Since construction sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is particularly important to eliminate costly false alarms and provide priority police intervention when there is a real crime. Since VigiMotion is portable, it can be moved as the project progresses, and even be installed on a brand-new site months later!

VigiMotion can also be useful in countering metal and copper theft at the start of a project, when metals are exposed and extremely vulnerable. VigiMotion can also help secure vacant sites, such as old stores or unprotected premises. There are several possible applications for warehouses, construction sites, agricultural environments, etc. 

Applications :

Temporary sites:




Vacant sites and containers

Anti-copper and metal theft


Permanent sites:

Car dealerships

Vehicle depots


Retail stores



Cellular towers

Sorting centres

Replace your surveillance team with VigiMotion

For a fraction of the cost of a single security guard, we can deploy wireless technology that is monitored and remotely controlled 24/7. Our solutions reduce the high cost of security services by replacing them with modern, efficient systems.

How does it work?

To ensure quality protection, our Vigi-Cam detectors/cameras are strategically positioned according to precise parameters. All components are connected to our 24-hour video control centre. When an alarm is triggered, a video is immediately sent to the video control centre for verification.

In the event of an intrusion, powerful sirens and strobe lights are activated and the control centre operator then follows the customer’s procedures and communicates with the police. These sirens will deter burglars while the police are already on the road. Further counter-attack measures and procedures may be adopted at a later stage.

Save up to 80% of costs

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6 mois rental

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